i am echo (2005-2008)

“i am echo” was my first real music venture, which I began around the age of 15. The first self-titled album, “i am echo”, was a big experiment in songwriting, mixing, and producing, and took a little over a year. My father, Todd Leishman, was very instrumental in helping me to produce such a polished album in our unfinished basement. The second album, “Fyris”, took far less time as most of the songs had already been fully composed by the time recording began. This album utilized completely digital drums, which I performed on a cheap MIDI controller, due to our lack of proper recording facilities. “Fyris” was released during early 2008. All music from Fyris and i am echo available for purchase at https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/i-am-echo/id289846591.

“Fyris” (2008)

“i am echo” (2006)


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